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Cartier Concept ID Two, High Efficiency Replica Watch

Cartier has just launched the Concept ID Two, a concept watch that reaches the utopia of the old watchmakers: a machine that does not need adjustments or lubrication.

This initial achievement opened prospects for the manufacture of virtually timeless clocks, which can withstand shocks, temperature changes and magnetic fields without the need for maintenance. For replica Cartier, this milestone is not an end point, but the first step of the Cartier ID saga dedicated to research and development for the future of high-end watchmaking.

Energy consumption has always been a big challenge for watchmakers. All mechanical watches have a very low energy efficiency, which limits their capabilities. Concept ID Two incorporates unprecedented potential for ideas and innovations. In it, the efficiency gain is the basis of industrial and technological progress. Until now, little attention had been paid to efficiency in traditional watches, since 75% of the energy of any mechanical watch was wasted.

The great difference of the Cartier Replica Watches Concept ID Two in relation to the other conventional clocks is the use of technology of last generation and innovative materials, that halved the energy consumption, in addition to having a much greater reserve of rope, of 32 days, all inside a standard size box. The replica Cartier Concept ID Two is a true pioneer.

The only part produced as a concept is not available for sale and features a 42 mm Diameter Cartier Caliber case, made from a transparent monoblock of Ceramyst®, a high strength material patented by Cartier replica. The heptagonal crown is titanium and features a blue sapphire at its top. The Cartier ID Two mechanical handwheel movement consists of 197 pieces and 43 jewels, which work precisely without the need for lubrication. The black crocodile leather strap features a double-fit deployant clasp in 18 carat white gold.

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