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The Difference Between Swiss And Japanese Replica Watches

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Swiss and Japanese replica watches? Well me too! The answers to the questions I asked different replica watch shops did not help me enough. To avoid confusion: I sent the same e-mail to five online stores asking about the specifications of the Japanese and Swiss imitations of the Cartier Santos 100. All the answers were quite vague and ambiguous. Here are some examples:

The Swiss imitations have mechanisms made in Switzerland, which are much superior to the Japanese versions.
Swiss imitation cases and straps are made of the highest grade stainless steel.
In the Swiss replica, gold plating is thicker and lasts longer.

I decided to take the decisive step and buy both versions of the same model in order to find out all the differences by myself. I paid $ 190 for the cheapest watch and $ 600 for the one who had a mechanism made in Switzerland. About a week later I received my order and guess what, by just looking at both watches I could not distinguish which was which. Both weighed exactly the same and all the engravings were identical; Apart from the color of the hands, they looked exactly the same.

The replica of $ 600 has a Swiss automatic mechanism Sell 200 SW and 26 jewels. From what I read on the Internet, it is a fairly reliable mechanism. This replica of a Cartier is delayed by three seconds every 48 hours, which is quite good for a kinetic clock.

The mechanism of the Japanese replica is also automatic, but compared to the Swiss version, the metal on this watch seems scratched.

A small and quick comparison of these two replicas shows that the Japanese version does not have the same quality of mechanism as its less economic brother. Although you could say that they are twins, a quick look under the box will reveal the very different mechanisms that place them both in different places. Appearance is important when talking about a luxury item but, as with every watch, accuracy is always important because it is finally buying a watch and not just a bracelet.

In conclusion, if all you are looking for is appearance – choose the cheapest, Japanese imitation, since the exterior is virtually the same. But if you consider that the durability and quality of the watch mechanism are important factors – look no further than a Swiss replica. This experiment certainly answered many of the questions I had and hopefully will provide others the information they need to make the right decision when buying a replica watch.

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